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Beyond Tuscany's Hilltop Towns

June 18, 2012

We had a fabulous time in amazing Tuscany and surprising Umbria.

Yes, perhaps you have heard of the medieval villages of Tuscany's hilltop towns such as Siena, Assisi and Cortona to name a few but imagine going beyond the churches and museums to laughing with a chianti winemaker, preparing gnocchi for dinner or smelling the leather in a Florence outdoor market. Those are my memories.

It's the people we met that mean the most and, oh yeah, the wine was pretty awesome as well. Grape vines seemed to be everywhere. They grow out of the sidewalk cracks in Italy. And I know that they say the wine was developed to pair with the food but I don't believe it. I think perhaps the wine came first and then someone needed to invent pasta and figure out what to do with tomatoes.

It's been two weeks since returning from Europe but already I have Italy on my mind. I'm ready to explore other parts of Italy and somehow include a pilgrimage to Veneto to experience my favorite Italian wine -- Amarone. Who's with me? Ciao.

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