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E.B. Foote For Sale

December 22, 2010

Fellow trekkers, now is your chance to own a winery. Not just any ol' winery but Burien, WA based E.B. Foote. Sherrill Miller (along with her husband Rich Higginbotham who passed away in 2008) purchased the fledging winery in 2001. Since then they managed to produce award-winning wines, gain a loyal following of E.B. Foote converts and crank out fun plays (e.g., Gone with the Wine) and events.

Sherrill is ready to pass the torch to new blood and I sure hope that whoever buys this attractive asset keeps certain traditions alive. I, for one, love the insightful and sometimes wacky expressions posted on the walls of the winery. For example, “The flavor of wine is like delicate poetry” attributed to Louis Pasteur.

Great inventory. Good location. Excellent goodwill. Some lucky person out there has a great opportunity!

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