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Good time at Coyotes in Caldwell!

April 13, 2011

Yes, indeed WineTrail fans the place was rocking last Friday night (April 8th) in downtown Caldwell, Idaho home of Coyotes Wine Bar and Shop. Owners Ron and Mary Bitner (of Bitner Vineyards) hosted the event for the Italian American Club of Boise and I was the main speaker. Frankly, I really didn't do much other than show slides of our (my wife Kathleen and myself) fall 2011 trip to Italy.

We sampled wines from Montepulciano, Chianti and Piedmont as I narrated our tour through these great wine regions of Italy. With Coyotes manager Lonnie Schott and staff serving wine and great appetizers, my job was made easy -- what's not to love about Italy!

Although my key point for the presentation focused on the warmth of our Italian hosts, it can be equally said that the folks of southern Idaho are equally warm. My thanks to the many people that made the Caldwell event happen (Buz, Gus, Lonnie, Ron, Pete, et al) and to all the wonderful new friends we made at Coyotes!

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