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Hat's off to Evening Mag!

October 14, 2010

Well, I must say I was impressed with the editing ability of the Evening Magazine crew led by Joan Kinsey -- senior producer. When writing about a winery, I always look for a story angle. What is the centerpiece? What will folks remember? What's compelling?

The two minute clip was boiled down from a couple hours of kidding. From that, Joan applied her editing magic to come up with a storyline from a host of angles that she could have chosen. She opted to tell the story about a guy obsessed with driving all over the State to experience Washington wine. Simple, clean, to the point. She's a master of her craft and for that 2-minute spiel, she easily invested 6 hours editing film I am sure. See the showing at at and click on Evening Magazine and "Uncorking your memorable wine tour" in the October 13, 2010 episodes.

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