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I am off to PNBA! What's PNBA? you ask -- posted 9/6/2009

September 7, 2009

This week I am invited to attend this year's version of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA) in Portland -- September 10-12. For independent bookstores, this is the big event of the year where they get to share, explore and commiserate. It's a ho-down and I am excited that I will be attending.

I know for many well-established authors this might be old hat. However, for moi, it's all fresh and frankly, I am excited. I have had the opportunity to meet many independent book store owners throughout Washington and Oregon and it will be good to renew these acquaintances. I am still surprised that many book stores in Oregon and Washington have not heard of the WineTrail guidebooks. Or, if they do carry one of the books, they are unaware that there is a book for Oregon or one for Washington. It will also be nice to connect with Idaho booksellers -- after all, I am going into production on the WineTrails of Idaho book this month and a little advance publicity is always a good thing.

Thursday night is the so-called Nightcapper Autographing Party where 20 Northwest authors are in attendance to sign books, kiss babies and generally press the flesh. I am honored to be one of the 20 and I hope to get a chance to visit with other authors and discover their secrets for writing success. Finally, let me just say one other little tid-bit...the Holiday Brochure which features Northwest titles produced by the PNBA is going out to hundreds of booksellers throughout the Northwest. This nicely-done catalogue features a few books on the cover including the WineTrails books for Oregon and Washington.

After the PNBA bash, I am taking my 20-year old daughter (home from college) to the Oregon coast for father-daughter bonding time. Meg is helping me on the WineTrails of Idaho book and we'll use that time to go over final edits and decide on photos for the book. I promised not to drag her to tasting rooms while on vacation but I might have to sneak in a few...


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