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I'm Getting Hitched!

September 15, 2009

Well I am biting the big one and getting married. Yes, my partner and soul mate, Kathleen has consented to marry moi and we're exchanging vows on September 20th! Fittingly, we are getting married in the Hills of Dundee at the Vista Hills Winery. We have our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate.

I am very excited that we're staying at the Black Walnut Vineyard and Inn. This is a first for me although I have visited the Inn on several occasions. Alas we won't have a lot of time to enjoy the Inn following the marriage ceremony because the next day we will race to the airport to fly off to Hawaii. I have already warned Kathleen that I will be taking my laptop to check email and wrap up the production of WineTrails of Idaho which, by the way, is absolutely stellar! You are going to be surprised by Idaho!

Kathleen is the one for me. She's my ballast. My occasional critic (when needed which is often). My love.


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