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Weird Tasting Rooms

August 25, 2010

Would you like to visit a haunted tasting room? How about a winery where the primary way to get there is by boat. Or, imagine tying up your horse in front of the winery and moseying in...well you can do all these things in more at Northwest wineries. Next time you are in Dundee, OR check out Argyle Winery and ask about the ghost of Lena. Downright spooky. When in the Wenatchee area grab a boat and head up the Columbia River to Del Rio Winery. Budget plenty of time to relax on the deck with wine and views you can't beat. Sleep in a tepee and ride horses to visit wineries at Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast and Barn in beautiful Zillah.

Yes indeed, there's dozens of ways to visit wineries and dozens of unusual tasting rooms to experience. I'm thinking that a book featuring 101 Weird Tasting Rooms and Ways to Visit Them is in order. What do you think?


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