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WineTrails of Idaho -- At The Press!

November 6, 2009

It's done. Yes, indeed after months in the incubator WineTrails of Idaho is off to Consolidated Press (Seattle) for printing. It will have the same footprint (6 by 9 inches) as the other WineTrails editions and you will notice a similar look and feel as the other books thanks to Lisa Pettit (Lisa Pettit Designs) BUT with one big difference. It's skinny! Kinda cute in a way. WineTrails of Idaho checks in at a not-too-hefty 112 pages. Well, with only about 40 bonded wineries in Idaho and just 33 open to the public you can understand why.

The release date is December 1st -- just in time for the Holidays!

But I must say, I am very proud of this book. I discovered some incredible wineries, met some amazing people and quite frankly quite stumbled on some lovely wine. Perhaps Idaho will always be the little bro' of Washington and Oregon but they do have great vitality. For sure, the Snake River appellations is alive and well...must see.

On a personal note, I have gone back to school quite literally. For the past year, I have been taking classes at South Seattle Community College's viticulture program. It's intense. Most days I wonder how the hell I am going to study while working a full time job and creating the WineTrails series! But I must say, the enology and viticulture classes have really helped me understand the wine industry hugely. That new knowledge coupled with honing my writing and photography skills helped immeasurably in creating WineTrails of Idaho. At only $16.95, this is a guidebook that I hope Idahoans will embrace! To order call 1-800-533-6165 or simply shoot me an email. We'll add it to the shopping cart on the website soon as well...


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