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WineTrails of Idaho -- Completing the Trilogy

August 2, 2009

Now that WineTrails of Oregon is born, I am working on the WineTrails of Idaho book. Now I know that some of you might be scratching your Wineeaux heads wondering if there is a critical mass of wineries in Idaho to justify a guidebook. Well, the answer is a decided yes! Most folks are surprised to learn that there about 40 bonded wineries in Idaho. What's more, the wines are winning awards and converts. As global warming continues, perhaps the Snake River Valley will become the next Napa Valley in 50 years...who knows, stranger things have happened.

But I am very excited to showcase the charms of this hidden gem. The Snake River viticulture area really lends itself to great photos and the diversity of geography from the Panhandle to the cliffs of the Snake River provides a dramatic back drop to the book. I am totally stoked and can't wait to release this book.

The goal is to get the manuscript to the printer in early October. If so, the book will be in the stores in early 2010...just in time for planning your Idaho wine tour adventure!


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