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WineTrails of Idaho -- I've Seen the Cover!

August 15, 2009

I met with Lisa Pettit -- designer extraordinare for the WineTrails books and she shared with me the preliminary cover design for the Idaho book. Very cool -- I think you will love it too. We're still many weeks from going to press with much to do. However, Sunny Parsons (editor) is busy editing the book and Seattle Publishing is gearing up for the production.

But that being said, it comes down to the book's design. WineTrails of Idaho will look and feel similar to the Washington and Oregon editions but with some really nice tweaks. For example, we're working on a varietal chart that goes beyond the snoozy proverbial wine variety glossary. This one pops! Imagine a varietal chart that is a fusion of the Periodic Elemental Chart (remember that chemistry class you took?) and easy to digest factoids about grape varieties in Idaho.

WineTrails of Idaho will check in at 120 pages total. It will be pretty skinny relative to the Washington and Oregon book. But to me, that is part of the charm! It's portable -- this guidebook can easily fit into your glove box. By the way, if you haven't been to Idaho for wine touring, you are in for a major surprise. It's beautiful and dollars to donuts, you will discover wine that you love. It's shock and awe for the palette.

WineTrails of Idaho won't be released until early 2010 but I will keep you posted on its progress. Cheers!

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