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WineTrails of Walla Walla is Here!

November 17, 2010

Yes indeedy fellow WineTrail trekkers. The ship has arrived with cartons of the new book, WineTrails of Walla Walla. I think you will agree that it's the best one yet.

Why? Well, with each book we add new content and tweak existing material. We fold in much more information pertaining to the fact that wine pairs wonderfully with the good things in life. Thus, the Walla Walla book features an amazing culinary scene, great sex and if it were an iPad application, we'd include Mozart. (Just kidding about the sex part...I wanted to see if you were reading!)

It takes time for the distribution system to get the books into bookstores, wine shops and the Amazon's of the world. However, you can order a signed copy today and be the first on your block with a new copy of WineTrails of Walla Walla. Just click on the Shopping tab.

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