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WineTrails of Walla Walla -- This Baby is Kicking

October 9, 2010

OK I know that the book won't reach the Port of Seattle until the end of November but rumor has it the kid wants to come out. Truth be told, I am really hyped about this book. The reason? Well, with every new book in the series, things get tweaked and new content added. But more than my contributions to the content, is the stellar work of Lisa Pettit the designer of the book. Let's face it, without the inviting graphics and easy to digest interior layout, the WineTrail series wouldn't sing. While I continue to learn about wine (which by the way is humbling because the world of wine is immense) Lisa continues to refine her artistic prowess. You'll see. T-minus 50 days until this new baby is born! Learn more at Walla Squared!"

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