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Woodinville Revisited

December 27, 2010

What can happen to a place in four years? Lots. At least that's my experience with Woodinville wine country. In 2007 with the release WineTrails of WA there were about 40 tasting rooms divided into two different areas...north and south. Since then, there'e been an explosion of new wineries and a heck of a lot of satelittle tasting rooms from established wineries in eastern Washington. They've set up shop for where the population is: Seattle. It gets rather quiet in Walla Walla in Februrary.

I know that most of my audience is already aware of these changes as I have been. But admittedly, even I am taken aback by the huge influx of tasting rooms. That's what happens when you get sidetracked in other NW wine regions...Oregon, Idaho, Walla Walla. Change happens.

Now that I am beginning the journey to update the Washington book, I have had to triple the budgeted time for Woodinville. It demands it! Oh well, Warehouse District, Hollywood Hills, etc. here I come!

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