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Working on Walla Walla!

March 14, 2010

I am alive -- I know that I have been amazingly absent but trust me, I have never been busier.

Fortunately Kathleen is still with me despite that fact that I have been buried at school (the South Seattle Community College's Wines of the World Class is a barn burner) and my day job at Wells Fargo Insurance Services is all-consuming. However, my main focus these days is on the creation of WineTrails of Walla Walla.

Yep, I am hard at it working on a guidebook focusing on the town that so nice they named it twice. With over 100 wineries and plenty of great restaurants and places to stay, Walla Walla has become a major destination for wine touring. Who knew! Just 20 years ago this sleepy town was known for sweet onions and prison guards. Well, times have changed mon amis.

This book will go beyond the tasting room to highlight 25 great things to do besides swirling and tasting. For such a small town, Walla Walla presents dozens of surprises -- cultural events, museums, outdoor name it. It's a big little city and that story needs to be told. What's more, there are a dozen restaurants that compete favorably with Seattle and Portland's finest. To help me on this aspect of the book, I have enlisted the talents of Alan Ayers (picture taking wiz-kid) and Faye Tomlinson (a foodie with a food science degree to boot) to capture Walla Walla's culinary treasures.

It's a sprint, but the goal is to get the book published by October -- stay tuned!


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