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Yakima Valley Here I Come Again!

October 1, 2010

In a continuing effort to update the original Washington book (it's starting to 'yellow') I am visiting the Yakima Valley again this weekend. Clearly, this will be one of many repeat visits to the Yakima Valley. With over 100 wineries, there's too little time and too many wineries. But I am dead set to do that this fall and winter.

Now, this time I am getting into the agri-tourism angle. I want to stay in the yurt, ride horseback, work the vineyard and enjoy a winemaker dinner among rows of cabernet. I am in search of the best salsa and guacamole. We're talking embracing the heritage and culture of the Yakima and I can't wait! I want to know if chili peppers pair with Syrah. Stay tuned.

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