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Traveling with Pets

“Pets welcome” is seldom seen at wineries. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Wineries, by and large, don’t welcome dogs into the tasting room. There are simply too many things that can go wrong – wine bottles crashing, a counter surfing dog that attacks the crackers and cheese, or a scrap with the winery cat.

Ironically a large percentage of wineries do have a winery dog which has led to an explosion of coffee table books featuring mug shots of winery pooches. But even though the winery might be dog friendly with their pooch, it’s bound to create territorial issues if you introduce your dog into the tasting room.

However, if you do bring Fido along on your next wine tour, you will find a number of hotels and quaint country inns that welcome pets. Some may charge an additional fee but it’s typically a nominal amount. If you do bring along your dog in the car be sure and pack doggy snacks and water and allow for pit stops along the way. Always keep the window open especially in hot weather to avoid baking your dog and park in the shade. In the summertime, it’s especially dangerous to keep a dog in a car even with windows open in wine country regions such as Walla Walla, Columbia Gorge, and Rogue River Valley. Bottom-line…take your dog to the park but not to the winery.

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