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AniChe Cellars

Oregon has claim on pinot noir; New Zealand, on sauvignon blanc; and South Africa is known for its pinotage. Yet Washington seems to lack a rep for producing the crème de la crème of a particular varietal. Perhaps that’s OK; some believe that Washington may eventually become known for its “mutt wines,” or blends. And it would be in good standing. After all, Bordeaux’s winemakers blend cabernet and merlot into world-renowned wines; and when thinking of the Rhône, many a wine lover salivates at the memory of a blend of grenache, syrah, and Mourvèdre.

And indeed, Washington’s AniChe Cellars excels when it comes to blends. Winemaker/co-owner Rachael Horn exercises her discerning palate to derive whites composed of gewürztraminer with a backbone of riesling, or a Left Bank style of Bordeaux composed of cabernet sauvignon and merlot. And by focusing on blends, Rachel has editorial license to christen her wines with great monikers such as Goat Boy, Moth Love, and Lizzy.

The name “AniChe” is a clever blend of the names of Rachel and husband Todd Mera’s two offspring: Anais (Ani) Mera and Che Horn. The name is as harmonious as the wonderful wines created at this family-owned winery in the Columbia River Gorge.


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