5 problems in bed for boys If you know it, hurry up and fix it quickly

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bed problems If there is a problem, it must be solved quickly. Because if you leave it for a long time, it may easily ruin your marriage life. In which the matter in bed is the main factor that will help strengthen the relationship for your partner to be more stable, but there are many couples who break up for reasons in the bed as well. If you want your marriage to last longer than before. http://ufabet999.com

1. The problem of premature ejaculation

problem of premature ejaculation Or what many people call the mouth of the bay is that the man cannot control ejaculation Causing during the playing of the lovers’ love songs to not reach the shore because the other party finished first causing the other person to become irritated, lose their temper, or become emotionally stagnant This behavior, if it occurs frequently It can easily ruin a married life. For the problem of premature ejaculation can be solved before having sex Many people may be excited. worry too much cause premature ejaculation Therefore, before sex, the problem may be solved by masturbation first. Or let the couple help to succeed first and then make love. will help ejaculate longer in the future Or another solution is to wear 2 layers of condoms to reduce the sensitivity of the penis so it can’t ejaculate faster.

2. Too little foreplay

Foreplay is the beginning of a good relationship. because if too impatient Not enough foreplay may cause your partner to not be in the mood. and not enjoying sex Importantly, it’s not the climax. Make sex boring which begins the story in bed Foreplay to adjust the mood will bring happiness to both parties as well.

3. Doves don’t crow.

For men, many people will have a problem with doves not cooing. Also known as erectile dysfunction These symptoms can occur in older men. and caused by having a congenital disease or excessive use of stimulants Causing when not using the drug, the symptom of the dove does not crow. by solving simple bed problems is to exercise regularly get enough rest and relaxed, not too much pressure It will help increase sexual performance even more.

4. Ignoring things in bed

To give a stable marriage Sex is something that should not be overlooked. Being consistent in the relationship should not be neglected. It will help couples have more long-lasting love. But if you feel that the story on the bed is starting to look bland There is no excitement like when they were newly in love. Try changing locations. or change the atmosphere To increase the excitement and help to impress the couple.

5. Too confident in his style

Some men are overly confident in bed. There are boasts of being good, good manners, but when it’s time, it’s not as expected. Makes the relationship tame, love does not last long, or may make the couple lose fun with the man.