Dangers that can occur from acid reflux disease

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Dangers that can occur from acid reflux disease


This is because our esophagus is frequently expose to acid from gastric juice. So it can go It causes pain in our esophagus and, moreover, if left untreated for a long time, it may lead to cancer of the esophagus.

Ulcerated esophagus

If we experience symptoms of vomiting or regurgitation of food and also gastric juice in our stomach comes out through the windpipe. It can cause the esophagus to become ulcerated, and if we still have severe symptoms, it may cause the esophagus to ทางเข้า ufabet become ulcerated and perforated. And in some cases, the esophagus is severely perforated. The esophagus can wound and penetrate into a blood vessel. Vomiting blood as well, and if we Stooling with black blood May risk death at all.

Esophageal stricture

That we Leaving the esophagus to ulcerated for too long or too frequently can cause scarring in the esophagus in our body, causing esophageal stricture. It will cause us to not be able to eat solid food at all, or eating and swallowing food will be even more difficult, and if we have more severe symptoms, we may even be able to eat only water. That’s it.

Esophageal cancer

For anyone who overlooks acid reflux and allows our body to suffer from acid reflux disease that often continues for a long time or disappears for about 10 years, and even more symptoms include weight loss or anorexia. join in We may need to go for a health check because we may be suffering from esophageal cancer.


Symptoms or difficulty breathing may indicate that you have pneumonia. Because acid from gastric juice is aspirated into the lungs and may stimulate the lungs and cause asthma symptoms as well. Also cause difficulty breathing and acute bronchoconstriction. Also, that’s it.

There may be symptoms of a change in voice.

When our larynx frequently comes into contact with acid from the gastric juice in our food, it may have a negative effect on our body. and affects our health as well because it may cause us Having a hoarse voice or having a change in your voice can occur and it may result in a sore throat or, moreover, it may cause us to have a chronic cough for years as well. And for anyone. Who has these symptoms This can assume. That We might be GERD Although there may not be heartburn symptoms like other cases.

How is it with knowledge about acid prolapse, a disease that many people love? You may overlook it, but for the symptoms that we can tell you or the diseases. That we say may be caused by Symptoms of acid reflux. If we take good care of our health. Don’t eat and sleep or we exercise often. It may cause the body. Ours is strong and does not cause us to have acid reflux disease. And more importantly, Getting enough sleep is very important to our body, including Choose food to eat It has a great effect on our body as well.