How to clean the penis correctly Every corner is clean

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How to clean your penis. Do you guys know how to wash your penis thoroughly and correctly? What are the steps? Let’s try to understand how to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of the penis.

How to clean the penis

 You can clean your penis properly by following these steps.

1. Check for dirt stains.

          Before taking a shower every time Check to see if there are any abnormalities around the penis. Especially anyone who hasn’t had their foreskin removed. You must check whether there is wet feces accumulated under the foreskin or not. Because it can cause a bad odor and cause penile cancer.

2. Choose appropriate soap for washing your younger brother.

          You should choose a gentle soap for washing your penis. Contains moisturizer and antibacterial ingredients. To help remove stains and unwanted odors. Ready to help prevent irritation in the genital area.

3. Wash with warm water.

          Advantages of warm water or room temperature water In addition to helping with blood circulation It also makes it easier to clean your penis than cold water. ยูฟ่าเบท

4. Clean thoroughly.

          After washing with clean water Mix soap and water to create a soft foam, then scrub clean from the base of the banana to the tip of the penis and crotch. Men who are not circumcised can peel off the foreskin for thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the base and testicles as well. To avoid the smell of sweat from pubic hair. Finally rinse with water. Then use a clean towel to dry the penis.

5. Know how to trim hair.

          If anyone feels like their hair is messy. The hair around the penis can be trimmed and shortened. To help reduce bad odor and irritation. This is because the area is where sweat odor accumulates. But you shouldn’t even shave. Because it can cause itching and inflamed ingrown hairs.

6. Clean every time before and after finishing work.

          If having sexual relations with a partner Both genitals should be thoroughly cleaned before and after. To prevent dirt from accumulating Including masturbation, you should clean up after masturbation as well.

7. Let it breathe.

          The young man should be able to breathe. to vent the dampness of his younger brother You don’t need to wear underwear when sleeping.

8. Always keep your underwear clean.

          Underwear should be changed every day and washed thoroughly. Don’t let a musty smell or mold develop. Also, you should not wear pants that are too tight. Because it will cause dampness and friction to the point of being chafed. and may result in skin disease

Things to be careful of when cleaning your penis

  • You shouldn’t wash your younger brother often. Proper washing is 1-2 times a day.
  • The penis should not be cleaned too harshly. Because it may cause the skin of the penis to be abraded.
  • Do not use too hot water. Because it will irritate my younger brother. A skin rash may follow.

          After knowing the correct way to wash your penis. Anyone who feels a little bit that their younger brother isn’t as clean as he should be. You can use the above methods as well. For your own good health