Potential Benefits of Olive Oil.

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An analysis of research on the effectiveness of olive oil in 15 case studies with more than 1,053 subjects found that extra virgin olive oil may be associated with a reduction in total blood cholesterol levels (Total Cholesterol) in people with obesity. Can be high in the blood Helps prevent hyperlipidemia. Helps reduce the risk of birth Coronary artery disease and may be beneficial to patients with myocardial infarction (Myocardial Infarction).

While another study tested the effectiveness consumption on coronary artery function in a test group of 28 obese and overweight men, it was found that olive oil consumption had no effect on coronary artery function. in the experimental group in any significant wayUFABET  

However, this effect was not found in unrefined. And research into its effectiveness in reducing blood lipid levels. That may be beneficial to patients with various types of heart disease should continue. To find more accurate and clear evidence. before being used as a guideline for treating disease in the future.

Another case study The experiment involved 11 male subjects consuming low-fat yogurt compared to low-fat yogurt mixed with olive oil flavoring. Then the results were analyzed using an MRI scan  showing the blood supply to various parts of the brain. It was found that consuming low-fat yogurt mixed. With olive oil flavoring may stimulate sensory perception in the brain related to Control body fat. This may be related to the implicit consumption of fat.