Skip breakfast Beware of dangerous diseases.

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Skip breakfast Beware of dangerous diseases.

With the hectic lifestyle of people in this era, especially working age people, many people have to compromise. Skip breakfast in order to get to work on time Or some people intend to skip breakfast already. to lose weight which skipping breakfast Will affect health and are at risk of developing various diseases.

Everyone probably knows that. Usually each day All of us need to eat three complete meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But with the way people live today ทางเข้า ufabet full of hustle And many different routines cause many people to neglect eating breakfast by default, which is breakfast. It can be considered a very important meal. that should not be neglected

Each day, people need to sleep for 7 – 9 hours a day. Some systems of the body There is still work And use energy all the time, using energy from the nutrients we eat for dinner, causing the energy in our body to be less. If we don’t eat breakfast That means our body will not receive additional nutrients After eating dinner for more than 10 hours.

Eating breakfast Therefore it is very important. To add energy to the body To use in your daily routine, but if you skip breakfast regularly, it will affect your health. and are at risk of developing various diseases as follows:


Skipping breakfast will cause the pancreas to secrete gastric juice. less used for digestion As a result, it causes an abnormality in the hormones that the pancreas produces, such as insulin, which is produced in insufficient quantities. Also known as insulin resistance that is the cause of birth Type 2 diabetes mellitus, T2DM


If we skip breakfast Resulting in lower blood sugar levels. and our bodies that have not received food for a long time after waking up Therefore, there will be more demand for subsequent meals, causing the person to eat twice as much heavy food as before. Therefore, there is a risk of obesity occurring as a result.

Alzheimer’s disease

Eating breakfast It helps stimulate energy for our brain to be energetic. After waking up, if we skip breakfast, the brain will not receive the nutrients it uses to function each day. causing brain fatigue As a result, you may have symptoms of brain fog, not being able to think through tasks, having trouble moving your head, dizziness, and headaches. It can happen if you don’t eat regularly. Long-term brain fatigue will occur. and may lead to Alzheimer’s disease eventually

stomach disease

Each day our body There will be work according to the body clock when it’s time to eat. our digestive system It will work to release gastric juice as usual. If we do not eat it means that no food falls into our stomach. Make the gastric juice used to digest food Instead, it directly corrodes our stomach. Causes a burning sensation in the stomach. Stomach ulcer and are at risk of developing stomach disease

Eating breakfast It is very important, so everyone should not neglect it. Eating Because it will have a direct and very negative effect on the body. In each meal You must eat food from all 5 food groups in order for your body to Receive complete daily nutrition

For those who skip breakfast or skip any meal to control weight or lose weight Should change to food quantity control and choose the type of food you eat Instead of skipping meals it would be better. including exercise To make various systems within the body better and burn excess energy, including eliminating waste Can come out through the pores as well.