What kind of “tongue skin” is dangerous?

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The “tongue skin is a small organ. In the mouth that many people may overlook, but actually is very important to our lifestyle. Imagine if our tongue had no taste buds. We probably don’t eat delicious food. If we don’t have a tongue We couldn’t speak clearly. and having difficulty eating But besides this, the tongue also tells of disease. Can also tell about abnormalities in our body. สมัคร ufabet

What kind of tongue? What is the disease?

Thick tongue skin

Thick tongue surface does not mean the size of the entire tongue is thick. But it means small tongue hairs. on the tongue that is thick. And too long causing the food you eat to easily stick to your tongue You can notice that the color of your tongue changes according to the color of the food you eat. and is often coated with white, yellow, or gray stains all the time When the clump of tongue hair is thick And there are food scraps. May cause bacteria to accumulate. until there is discomfort in the tongue You can’t taste as clearly as you should, itchy tongue, or have bad breath. A simple solution is to brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth. and refrain from smoking

Serrated tongue edge

Some people’s tongues have jagged edges. It comes from many reasons, such as a tongue that is so big that it often pushes against the teeth. Until the tongue has serrations in the shape of teeth or abnormal swallowing behavior Frequently pushing your tongue against your teeth while chewing or swallowing. In addition, if the tongue is swollen and inflamed to the point of pushing against the tooth from the inside. until it becomes jagged in the teeth It can happen as well. (It may be a temporary indentation.) This type of tongue is not dangerous. But if there are symptoms of infection or inflammation, see a doctor immediately

tongue map

Refers to symptoms on the back of the tongue. or side of the tongue It has fur alternating with smooth skin. Looks like a sheet This map mark will not be permanent. Can change shape continuously The cause of the tongue is not clear. It may come from mood swings, malnutrition, genetics, or associated with diseases of other bodily systems such as blood-related diseases and asthma. This type of tongue is not dangerous, but some people may feel that they cannot taste. good enough You can consult a dentist for treatment.

Inflamed surface of the tongue

The base of the tongue has papillae that are larger than the tongue hairs on the tip of the tongue. And these bumps contain internal tissue of the lymphatic system. If inflammation occurs or friction from the food you eat There may be inflammation and swelling that causes pain. Or it may hurt from an infection of the respiratory tract, throat, or tonsils as well. You may have a sore throat, red throat, and a feeling of a bad taste in your mouth and throat. It can be treated by reducing friction at the base of the tongue from sharp teeth. in our own mouth or loose edges of the teeth Does not fit the mouth and gums and reduce inflammation with medicine

golf ball tongue surface

The tongue looks like a small hole. Semicircles spread across the back of the tongue. Similar to the surface of a golf ball It is the tongue characteristic of a person who smokes heavily. Easy to look at By reducing smoking and clean the tongue regularly

The middle surface of the tongue is inflamed.

The center of the back of the tongue is smooth, with few tongue hairs, and is shaped like a 1-2 centimeter diamond square. Patients may experience a burning sensation when eating spicy food. This may be caused by inflammation of the tongue hairs in that area. Abnormally short tongue hairs, smoking, or having fungus on the tongue If fungus is found, you should seek medical treatment from a doctor. and always keep the tongue clean