What symptoms indicate that we are at risk for diabetes?

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What symptoms indicate that we are at risk for diabetes?

Congenital diseases that are popular and popular are probably indistinguishable from diabetes, which is a disease that can It can person who is overweight or a person who is underweight. And today we will talk about Dangers of diabetes

For diabetes, that is? Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the diseases that are not Chronic contact or a disease.

That has a condition in the body Blood sugar is higher than normal and is due to a lack of the hormone insulin (Insulin) or resistance to it. The hormone insulin affects the sugar absorption process. in the blood into energy for the cells in our body and there will be abnormalities or may not be able to work at full efficiency until sugar accumulates in the blood in an excessive amount and if our body is allowed to be in a state this Over a long period of time, it will cause the various organs of the body to deteriorate and may cause disease and various complications to occur more easily. Even though it is a disease that does not seem serious But the scary thing is the complicated disease or complicated symptoms that may follow. If we don’t take care of ourselves or don’t treat ourselves properly.

Symptoms that we can observe of diabetes are the main ones.

That we can observe from ourselves, that is, let us observe from frequent urination during the night, or symptoms of being hungry more often, eating in small bites, or some people losing weight. or have numbness in the tips of the hands and feet, including some people who may have wounds that heal more slowly than usual, or some people may have abnormalities in their eyes because if complications occur, it may result Our retinal degeneration can degenerate and cause pressure sores and result in it. Easily infected and especially fungal and bacterial infections, and it will result in an important cause, resulting in disability in various organs in our body as well.

Main symptoms that can occur in diabetes

The main symptoms that indicate that a person There is a risk of having diabetes. It may include making you feel hungry often, making you feel thirsty, or including causing us to have symptoms. The amount of urine is too large and may be more common. There are also other additional symptoms, such as:

  • The obvious food is being easily tired or feeling more tired than usual.
  • Dry skin, itching in the skin area
  • dry eyes
  • There is numbness in the feet. Or feel a sharp pain in your toes or in your feet.
  • Our bodies are unusually thin. without being able to find the cause
  • When wounds occur in various areas of our body, they usually heal more slowly than usual. Especially wounds that occur on the feet.
  • Blurred vision, unable to see clearly in a way that cannot determine.

As for symptoms or complications that may occur.

They may cause us to have more or less abnormal symptoms, depending on how we take care of our health. And the most important thing is that we help ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app protect or prevent the body from requesting. When we experience severe or dangerous symptoms, it is choosing food to eat, including finding things to do. that makes the body Use energy such as exercising regularly, running, or doing exercise. Because it will be Things that will help protect Don’t let our body It can be dangerous, and what’s more important is getting enough sleep. It helps a lot as well. Therefore, taking care of our health is the most necessary matter in sustaining life.