Zucchini and fighting free radicals . 

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Zucchini and fighting free radicals. Many experts believe that free radicals are a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. macular degeneration, cancer, or other health problems. Many people believe that gourd may be one of the vegetables in their garden that can help fight free radicals. There are also studies that indicate that gourd contains many types of antioxidants such as P-Coumaric Acid, diosmetin group, and epigenin group. Apigenin  , Luteolin, etc., which are all useful substances and help prevent damage that may occur to cells in the body.UFABET  

However, there has not been any research on the exact effectiveness of zucchini in neutralizing free radicals and preventing various diseases. Therefore, there should be clear research in this area in the future.

Zucchini and the treatment of atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a disease that causes chronic itching. Found mostly in children and infants. In the medical field, it has been noted that Zucchini may help reduce inflammation and treat atopic dermatitis. One study showed that After applying gourd extract to the affected area for 4 weeks, it reduces inflammation and stops the occurrence of allergic skin rashes.

However, this research is only in animal studies. Therefore, it is necessary to further research the effectiveness of zucchini in treating atopic dermatitis in humans. Including studying the safety of consuming or using zucchini extracts more clearly.