Buffon believes Juventus were not a team when Cristiano Ronaldo was in

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Parma goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon believes Juventus were not a team when Cristiano Ronaldo was in the squad.

Ronaldo joined Juventus from Real Madrid in 2018 before playing for three years and has just returned to Manchester United this season. 

Despite the personal results and statistics, Ronaldo can do well, but as a team. Unity was what Buffon viewed as affecting the “Juventus” army during that time. 

The 43-year-old said: “Juve had the opportunity to win the UEFA Champions League in the first year he arrived. It was the year I was playing for Paris Saint-Germain, but I don’t know what happened.

“When I moved back to Juve I have played with Ronaldo for 2 years, we get along well. But I think Juve has lost the DNA of being a team.”

“We reached the 2017 Champions League final because our team has gained a lot of experience. but above all is oneness There is competition for a place in a very strong team. But we lost here with Ronaldo.”

“Cristiano’s presence had a big influence on us. Just training with him gave us something extra but subconsciously players started to think his presence alone was enough to win games.

“We began to fall a little short in our daily work, the humility, the sacrifice, the desire to be there for your team-mate day after day. Over the last few years, I think you could see that.”

And Giorgio Chiellini criticised Cristiano Ronaldo in October for deciding to join Manchester United so late in the summer transfer window, claiming Juventus “paid for it” at the start of this season.

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