Chile beat Bolivia 3-2 and still have a chance to go to the World Cup.

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Chile beat Bolivia 3-2, Chile secured their chance to qualify for the 2022 World Cup by collecting three key points. After a 3-2 win over Bolivia football team in Alexis Sanchez’s double.

Chile took the lead 1-0 in the 14th minute. When a free-kick in front of the penalty area diverted to the left. After Ben Brereton was fouled Plugged under the beam beautifully.

Bolivia equalized in the 37th minute. Erwin Savedra got the ball in front of the penalty area before beating with a full right. Brayan Cortes had to super save the latter. But from the rhythm of the corner kick. Bolivia sent the ball into the net anyway from Mark Enumba’s header. 

At the end of the first half in 44 minutes. UFABET Chile’s Marcelino Núñez had a left-hand spin in the penalty area. But the ball wasn’t curved enough to get into the frame making the first 45 minutes 1-1. 

In the second half.

In the 65 minutes, Bolivia almost scored when Rodrygo Ramayo slipped into the penalty area before pressing with the right. But Brayan Cortes frightened to save Chile. And from the rhythm of the corner kick. Marcelo Martins Moreno hit the ball and Cortez was able to brush the ball away again.

Bolivia missed another chance to lead in the 68th minute, with Ramiro Vaga having the ball in front of the penalty area before deciding to take a long shot. The ball flew through the hands of Brayan Cortes, but it hit the pole like Chile, narrowly escaped.

Bolivia is excited at But almost hit Chile as well when 73 minutes, Pablo Parra shone a distance of not less than 25 yards, the ball hit hard, causing Carlos Lampe to frighten before the ball fell over the crossbar.

Chile led again 2-1 until in the 77th minute, Alexis dropped the ball into the right-hand penalty area for Mauricio Isla to hit it back in the middle. Send the ball to the net 

85 minutes Chile led to 3-1 from Alexis Sanchez’s shot that got the ball from Mauricio Isla before turning into the penalty area and shooting with the right to pass the ball into the post superbly.

Bolivia chased 3-2 three minutes later, with Ramiro Vaga on the right before opening the ball for Marcelo Martins Moreno to strike focusing on the net. 

After that, Chile ended the game, And Chile beat Bolivia 3-2, collecting 19 points, having a chance to go to the final of the World Cup.