Conte sympathizes with Chelsea after Abramovich was boycotted.

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Spurs manager Antonio Conte has sympathy with former club Chelsea. After owner Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the club.

         All assets of ” Abramovich ” have frozen. Including clubs that are subject to measures from the British government. This made the team unable to operate in many regards to both sell game tickets. Player trading player contract renewal and the club’s merchandise store was close. As UFABET for the sale of the silver club. It will not reach Abramovich anyway.

         Conte, who worked for Chelsea in 2016-18 and won the Premier League and FA Cup, said: “To be honest I just heard this situation, we had training this morning, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t easy, to be honest it’s a pity because I coached this club at Chelsea, I enjoyed two seasons there.”

         “I also won two titles and work with this club. It’s a pity to hear this situation and not easy for players. It’s not easy for Thomas Tuchel, for the fans, for the whole atmosphere. Chelsea environment.

         “Of course I love this team. This club I used to work for. Every team that worked with in the past I bless them with all my heart.”