Leonardo Bonucci has warned of Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo

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Leonardo Bonucci has warned of Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo. That they will be hit hard after the two teams will meet in the World Cup qualifying round.

         Italy and Portugal are in the same line, where Azzurri faces North Macedoria. While Portugal faces Turkey, where both are seen to be victorious and go through in the final ticket game.

         The Italian national team centre-back, who is already known for his aggression in the game, has warned his former team-mates Juventus that it will be hit hard.

         “I heard Cristiano Ronaldo and we joked about the possibility of Portugal against Italy. We’ll see what happens on the pitch, Cristiano knows. That he will be beaten for sure,” Bonucci said.

         “We have to focus on what we will do on the pitch. Then in March we will meet again. And I believe we will have two great games.”

He added: “I want to give a gift to my children who have never seen Italy at the World Cup. 

“The European Championship was all fantastic. We are aware that we have done something very important. But now let’s put the past aside and focus on the next match between Italy and North Macedonia in Palermo.”

Bonucci has praised Ronaldo but also spoke negatively in the summer following his departure.

At Juventus, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner scored 101 goals in 134 appearances after joining from Real Madrid in 2018.

He also won two Serie A titles before leaving to return to Manchester United in the summer.

But Bonucci believes his exit is a blessing in disguise as he felt Juventus lost a bit of their “spirit” when he was in Turin.

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