Luis Diaz asks the masses to put pressure on the kidnappers to release his father.

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Liverpool winger Luis Diaz has taken action on social media for the first time since his father’s abduction last weekend. Almost a week has passed but still no help or coordination for release.

Diaz learned of the kidnapping of his father Luis Manuel ‘Mane’ and mother Celenis on Saturday evening (local). Or before the ‘Reds’ match against Forest 3-0 was the reason. He was not included in the group for the game at Anfield. UFABET 

Later, Diaz’s mother was released. But the disappearance of Don ‘Mane’ is now on its fifth day. But there may be no trace of him even though the government. Including the military, police and volunteers are searching for traces.

For this reason.

The 26-year-old footballer uploaded a story on his Instagram account @luisdiaz19_ asking for local villagers to come out and march to demand the culprits release his father back safely. Both participated in symbolic expressions, lighting candles and raising white balloons. It represents the light of hope.

The ceremony, which took place in the central square of Barrancas, La Guajira department, on Tuesday, October 31, began at 5:00 p.m. local time (Colombia). 

Overall, it is considered to be a very good trend. City residents, both men, women, children, adults, and the elderly, wear white shirts. with white balloons Some held up lit candles. Some turned on the lights from their cell phone screens, raised the Colombian flag. and message signs Walked around shouting to demand the release of the father of the ‘Reds’ star.

Until now, there has been no conclusion about the motive for the kidnapping of Luis Manuel ‘ Mane ‘ , but there are two hypotheses: one , holding for ransom. But until now there has been no demand for any money from the bandits. And two , creating a situation of unrest and discrediting the administration because there was a local election on Sunday.