Ryan Grafenberg Interested in moving to football with Barcelona

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Ajax Amsterdam‘s 19-year-old midfielder, Ryan Grafenberg Interested in moving to football with Barcelona. That rather than Real Madrid if there is a change agency in the summer of next year.

Catalan news outlet El Nazionale reported on Monday that Ajax Amsterdam’s 19-year-old midfielder. Ryan Grafenbirch Interested in moving to Barcelona over Real Madrid. The agency will allow players to move to the agency next summer for a fee of not less than 35 million euros.

Gravenbirt has been with Ajax since the age of 8 in 2010 before moving into the senior team in 2018. The 19-year-old midfielder has now played in all competitions in 86 games, scoring 10 goals and 10. assist 

Grafenbirch is currently under contract until 2023. But there are no indications the player will enter into a new deal with the club. After being targeted by both Real Madrid and Barcelona. That ​​meaning AJax will allow the 19-year-old midfielder to join in the summer of 2022 in exchange for a partial return.

Barcelona view Gravenberch as a long-term replacement for Sergio Busquets at the end of his career. While Real Madrid are eyeing the player to join the club. That is creating a new pedigree midfield plan Earlier reports claimed the 19-year-old midfielder was more keen on a move to Azulgrana than the Whites.