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Joining the WineTrail Trekker Club entitles you to:

  1. Monthly eNewsletter highlighting wine related events throughout the Northwest; mouth-watering food and wine pairing ideas and recipes, in-depth reporting on new wineries and featured WineTrail getaways.
  2. The ability to post comments on your own WineTrail experience or a particular winery or event.
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Winery Benefits

If you are a member of a winery (i.e., an owner/winemaker/manager) we provide direct access to you to change your winery information, post events, sell event tickets, link to your website’s wine shop or other landing pages and more. Register now to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Provide updates on winery information – tasting room hours, winemaker changes, winery events, updates on wines released, etc.
  2. Post event information and, if you wish, sell tickets on the website via our secured shopping cart (call 800-533-6165 to learn about this)
  3. Advertise with and enjoy special rates (call 800-533-6165 for details)

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